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Skaneateles, NY 13152

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 2014  High Stakes Tickets winners click here

A big thank you to those individuals who purchased 871 tickets for this year's HIGH STAKES RAFFLE and who attended the
Skaneateles Fire Department's 2nd Annual Casino Night
to celebrate the conclusion of the raffle.








 Top Ten Firematic Responders - 2013
(Calls as of December 31, 2013: 365)
      1. Dick Perkins      323/365     89%

           2.  Fred Squires     263/365      72%    

       3. Eric Sell        248/365        68%

       4.  Jorge Batlle     218/365        61%

      5.  Jim Buff        217/365        60%
                              6.  Dan Evans     194/365       53%                      

         7.   Dick Bailer     174/365       48%

   8.  Paul Murphy      170/365       47%
     9.  Pete Buehler    162/365      44%
    10.  Alan Bille    155/365      43%


What's New at Station 54

  • NEW - SFD "2 ALARM CHIPOLTE HOT SAUCE" available from Infused.com for $9.99 a bottle.  Will also be available during the SFD's annual field days on August 30th & 31st at the Austin Park Pavilion.

  • Now availableReflective mail box signs to identify your home's address.  To order your sign, complete and mail the following application.

  • American Red Cross Blood Drive - Station #1 - Saturday September 13, 2014 - 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The Skaneateles Fire Department is a volunteer organization, committed to providing the best emergency services possible to the citizens of the Skaneateles Fire District. The objective for the Department is to protect life and property, prevent and extinguish fires, and initiate rescue in hazardous situations within the laws of the State of New York as well as the policies and ordinances of the Village of Skaneateles.

To maintain our high level of service, we are always looking for interested individuals 17 years of age and older to become a valued asset of the Skaneateles Fire Department. We are people like yourself - home and business owners, parents, and students. We will provide all necessary equipment and training for a Firematic membership. See a chief or officer for an application packet.

If entering a burning building is not to your liking, the SVFD, Inc. (the corporate side of things, set up primarily to accept tax deductible contributions) has an Associate membership. This is also on the application and can be checked in the appropriate place. If you are interested in becoming a member or are just curious about what we have to offer, stop by Station #1 Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. or call us at 315-685-3496.





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